Supplier Membership

Membership Rates General Platinum VIP
Chinese Site( $950/year $3,250/year
Global Site( $1,250/year $4,450/year
Package of
Chinese Site( &
Global Site(
$1,600/year $5,800/year
Platform Services Online Store
(On both Chinese
and Global Sites)
APP Onlinee Store(Chinese Only)
Product Showcase In-Store(pcs)

Targeted Matchmaking Service
Guidance for Content Quality
Exposure WeChat Post(Chinese Only)
Banner Ads PC
Homepage Featured
Products(15 Days)

Spotlight(15 Days)
APP(Chinese Only)
Spotlight(15 Days)
30 days(5 keywords)
EDM Top Banner*1
Supplier Spotlight(Interview)
Company Video Played
On-site at CPHI & P-MEC China
Event Services Buyer Sourcing Event

Dedicated Advertising Opportunities

Chinese Site Global Site
Website Banner Homepage Top $1,000/week $2,000/week
Homepage Spotlight $1,000/week $2,000/week
Featured Products $550/week $1,000/week
WeChat Top Message $1,600 /
2nd Message $900 /
Banner Ad $550/10 days /
Exclusive Message $5,000 /
EDM Top Banner $1,299/EDM $1,299/EDM
Product Showcase $699/product/EDM $699/product/EDM
Exclusive Event $3,600 $3,600
Supplier Spotlight Interview-text $1,200 $1,200
Interview-video $850(5-10 mins) /
Customized Webinar $3,600 $3,600

*Extra Rate apply for translation services.Please contact our sales team for more details.

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