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    Brief introduction:
    H-gms-b series tunnel oven is a hot air circulation tunnel oven our company developed to meet the need from the market by referring similar product abroad. It integrates high technology.  This oven can reach the standard of sterilization and removing pyrogen after many years of pharmaceutical factory usage and test before leaving the factory. The heat distribution is average inside the box chamber.

    production capacity:
    You can choose different width and length of net conveyor according to real production capacity requirements. Max. Production: over 600bts/min (7-10ml tubular vial)

    Gms-500    7ml tubular vial       100~140 bts/min

    Gms-700    7ml tubular vial       250~300 bts/min

    Gms-900    7ml tubular vial       500~600 bts/min

    Working principle:
    This machine consists of 100-class protection section, preheating section, heating section, sterilization section, cooling section, net conveyor and electric control system.

    It uses circulation air heated by elelctric heaters to terilize and remove pyrogen of the bottles after washing under the temperature of 350℃.The whole process is under the clean environment of hot circulatory air.


    There are HEPA filter in preheating section, sterilization section, cooling section and the entire tunnel. Clean degree is high.

    Hot air circulation.Has the advantage of energy-saving and good temperature homogeneity.The heat distribution is ±5℃.

    With frog validation connector. (DOP)

    Stainless steel sheet covers the frame, good appearance.Oven bix and net conveyor is made of S.S.304 or S.S.316L

    HEPA filter choose international brand, adopts built-in installation, good sealing effect.

    Choose LCD touch panel (TP) and controller (PLC) to control the heating and operation technical parameters precisely.

    With parameter separate display function, auto print record and error alarm and display function.

    The air flow is controlled by electric pressure gauge, can auto balanced.

    Adopts chain wheel to drive the net conveyor, avoid any conveyor deflection effect.

    Complete 100 class protection, air inlet and air outlet with clean laminar flow protection, avoid outer air goes in the machine. Ensure working chamber under 100-class status.

    Optional remote control function and fan ON DUTY function.

    Optional net conveyor CIP system (ultrasonic wave cleaning).

    With air cooling or 2 class water cooling.

    The whole machine is easy to clean and without dead angle.The designing and fabrication fully comply with GMP regulations.

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