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This policy constitutes an effective force between "" and users who use this website. When you use this website, you indicate that you have known and will abide by the terms of service and policies of this website. This policy will be updated as necessary, and every change will be published immediately on "" and take effect immediately.

1. rules

1) Notes on product release:

All users of must abide by the corresponding laws, regulations and related regulations, operate legally, and must not post false information on the website, and the content must not violate national laws and regulations and assume full responsibility for their online behaviour. If the user posts false information on [CPhI Pharmaceutical Online] ( and is subject to administrative punishment by the relevant department or is infringed upon the rights of others and is subject to compensation, which made bearjoint responsibility. reserve the right to claim compensation from users of

You provide any "products" that are online on the "" website (products generally refers to all specific tangible or intangible items that exist in various forms, or certain rights or interests that can be traded according to law , or some kind of bills or securities, or some kind of service or behaviour. The term "products" in this terms of serviceare refer to theexplain), which shall be consistent with:

  • No fraudulent elements, and it shall not involve the sale of counterfeit goods or stolen goods;

  • Never infringe any third party's property rights, copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets or other intellectual property rights, or privacy rights or reputation rights;

  • Never violate any laws, regulations, rules or regulations (including but not limited to laws, regulations, rules or regulations on regulating export management, trade quotas, consumer protection, unfair competition or false advertising);

  • Never contain defamation (including commercial defamation), illegal intimidation or illegal harassment;

  • Never contain obscenity, or contains any child pornography (any content that has a negative impact on the physical and mental health of young people)

  • Never contain any viruses, disguised destruction programs, computer worms, timed program bombs or other computer programs that intentionally destroy, maliciously interfere, secretly intercept or occupy any system, data or personal data;

  • Anything that are not allowed by "" and consider inadequate to sell on "" are not allowedto showon this website.

2) Ownership rights:

Using this website is controlled by the exclusive ownership of "". "" or the website content provider owns any and all protectable elements of this website and its contentor grants a franchise right in this regard. Without the prior written permission of "" or the site's content provider, users shall not copy, modify, adapt, reproduce, translate, distribute, manufacture in reverse order, decompile or reversely translate any aspect of this site and its contents. Or based on the creation of derivative works, or use of unauthorized modified content, including but not limited to the purpose of unauthorized use of this service.

2. intellectual property protection policy and infringement complaints

1) Intellectual property protection policy and infringement complaints

  • This document is a brief overview of's procedures for handling infringement complaints (“infringement complaints”) of users of (“users”) regarding intellectual property.

  • sets this process to enhance the cooperation between and users.

  • is not an arbitrator or adjudicator. When the client requests to take any action on intellectual property issues, will not judge the validity and authenticity of the intellectual property rights involved. Conversely, if decides not to take any action against an infringement complaint, it does not mean that supports the display of related products on

2) Handling of infringement complaints

  • If a user ("complainant") believes that another user ("complainant") has infringed his intellectual property rights, he can file an infringement complaint with

  • Once a complaint of infringement is received, will require the complainant to complete and sign the form specified in Annex 2 ("Intellectual Property Complaint Notice").

  • At the same time, the complainant must also provide with all necessary documents and related materials ("related materials") in accordance with the provisions of the thirdly content below, so that has sufficient basis to handle this infringement complaint.

  • will deal with this infringement complaint in accordance with the procedure described in Annex 1 ("Processing Procedure").

  • reserves the right to improve the processing procedure at any time.


Handling Procedure

Raise of infringement complaints

The complaint shall be submitted with the completed "Intellectual Property Complaint Notice" and sent to mailbox together with "related information"

The complainant should list the product details of the alleged infringement as much as possible to help evaluate the infringement complaint as accurately as possible.

In addition to the "related information" above, if the complainant is an agent or branch / subsidiary of the intellectual property owner involved in the infringement complaint, the complainant must provide a true power of attorney signed by the intellectual property owner.

Annex 2

Intellectual Property Infringement Complaint Notice

Shanghai Bo Hua International Exhibition Co., Ltd.
8th Floor, No.355 Hongqiao Road, Shanghai, China

Dear Sir:
I / our company, namely the following signature (seal), hereby declare:
I / the company is the owner of the following intellectual property rights or I / the company is the agent of the owner of the following intellectual property rights
(Choose one of the above depending on the situation).
I / Our company believe that the following products infringe the intellectual property rights of the intellectual property owners.
I / Our company are convinced that the content described in this notice is true and accurate.
I / Our company guarantees that if takes action according to this notice and suffers any claims or losses,our company will compensate.

Please delete the following list from your company's website as soon as possible:
Name of infringing company:
Details of the infringing product (including its URL):
The infringed intellectual property rights are (select all items involved):
[] Trademark [] Copyright [] Patent [] Product Design

Relevant information about infringed intellectual property rights:
The country or region where the intellectual property is protected:
Brief description of the trademark / copyright / patent:

Registration number and registration date of the intellectual property (check attachment for registration certificate, if any)

Name of intellectual property owner:
Name of agent or representative of owner of intellectual property:

I hereby declare that I / my company have the right to submit this infringement Complainton behalf of the above-mentioned intellectual property owner.I / the company understand this infringement complaint and related supporting documents can be provided to the complained party.

I / Our company hereby confirm that I / Our company will guarantee, its agents, representatives, partners and employees (Including but not limited to its legal adviser) will not bear any responsibility, loss, cost or any form of damage, otherwise I / the company will compensate. I / Our company further confirms that I /the Company will not, its agents, representatives, partners and employees (including but not limited to their legal advisers)in relation to matters related to this intellectual property complaintto take any legal action or claims.

3) Investigation of infringement complaints

If the complainant refuses or fails to fill out and sign the complaint form prescribed by satisfactorily, orthe relevant information provided by the complainant is incorrect, incomplete, invalid, or not applicable , unsatisfactory or inadequate based on's judgment, has the right to refuse to deal with such infringement complaints until the complainant submitted a satisfactorily completed and signed intellectual property complaint noticeto as well as the requirements of further clarification of instructions, details or documents. will investigate the infringement complaint based on the relevant information provided by the complainant to determine the value of the infringement complaint.

After receiving the IPR complaint notice, will evaluate the infringement complaint.

Once the notice of intellectual property complaint, related materials and other documents requested by based on the need to assess the infringement complaint are submitted to, will forward the notice of intellectual property complaint to the respondent.

The respondent will be given three working days to rebut the infringement complaint in writing and send the rebuttal to

4) Actions taken by

If the respondent fails to make a satisfactory response or refute to the infringement complaint within three working days, will delete the relevant content of the complaint in the notice of intellectual property complaint.

Despite the above provisions, has the right to take all actions it deems necessary and appropriate, including deleting content related to infringement complaints from

If a user receives more than two infringement complaints within a year, has the right to terminate the cooperation relationship with the user regardless of the handling result of the infringement complaint.

5) Further request after takes action

If the respondent raises a counter-argument on the IP complaint notice and provides an appropriate reason for refusing the allegations in the IP complaint notice (including the evidence supporting its claim) has the right to take the following actions at its discretion:Resume display of relevant content deleted based on infringement complaints.

If has taken any other action against the respondent, has the right to take the most appropriate recourse action at its own discretion.

If the complainant insists on the claims and requirements in his intellectual property complaint notification, has the right to request the complainant to show the final decision of the competent judicial authority before taking further action.

6) Relevant information required for infringement complaints

Relevant materials should include the following documents and materials related to this infringement complaint:

  • If copyright is involved, the evidence includes registration certificate, certificate of production, first publication, and certificate of the complainant as the copyright owner of the infringed product;

  • If trademark rights are involved, the evidence includes relevant regions (checkNO.7 below for definition) trademark registration certificates and other relevant documents issued by the trademark registration authority;

  • If the patent right is involved, the evidence includes: the relevant region (check NO.7 below for the definition), the patent right certificate issued by the patent registration agency (including the patent claim, specification and drawings) and other related documents;

  • If the product design is involved, the evidence material includes: the relevant region (for the definition, check NO.7 below), the design certificate and other relevant documents issued by the design registration agency;

  • According to the actual situation of the case, requires other evidence materials. In order to avoid ambiguity, has the right to determine the scope of the evidence of the complainant ’s intellectual property rights on the infringed product.

  • Complainant company's valid establishment / registration certificate (if applicable).

  • Relevant evidence of infringement, including but not limited to photos, samples, manuals, sales contracts, invoices, etc.

  • Any pending litigation between the complainant and the complainant, and the respondent ’s actions constitute legal and effective evidence materials (including original materials or evidence materials approved by the relevant region) that violate the complainant ’s intellectual property rights.

  • Other relevant documents requested by

7) Relevant regions

  • understands and agrees that many B2B members live in different countries or have registered companies in different countries.

  • In the expression of this intellectual property protection policy, "relevant territory" means (i) the country / region where the infringement complaint occurred or may occur; (ii) the country / region where the relevant product is manufactured; or (iii) the country / region where the relevant product is sale.

3. Commitment to compensation

  • For each user who violate this agreement, the terms and rules included in this agreementor violate any law or the rights of third parties when they are using the "" service, occuringany type of any claims, litigation, losses and damages (actual, special and consequential), whether known or unknown, including reasonable attorney fees, the user agrees tocompensate the owner and Related personnel, directors, officers and employees to protect them from any loss.

  • does not have the ability or obligation to verify the identity of each user, verify the authenticity of the complaint or the source of the product.

  • The complainant raise an infringement complaint with and requested to take corresponding actions in accordance with this policy means the complainant agrees to ensure that will not suffer any claims or losses due to such actions, otherwise should be compensated.

* [Policy] refers to's intellectual property protection policy;

* [This website] means "";

* [User] refers to each user who use;

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