Diazinon 60% EC

Category:Other Excipients
Product Name:Diazinon 60% EC
CAS No.: 333-41-5
Standard:ChP, USP, BP, EP, JP
International Approvals/Standards:GMP

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  • Grade: pestiside

    Factory Location: Dezhou,Shandong,China

    Main Sales Markets: Middle East,Africa

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      Luxi Manjing  60%EC



    Exipient to1ml


    Neocidol 60%EC is an organophosphorus compound which can kill a wide range of Arachnids and insects. In veterinary medicine it is employed in the control/treatment of external parasitic infestations in domestic animals. Neocidol  60%EC is effective against ticks, mange mites, itching mites, ked, lice, and fleas, biting flies, blowfly maggot, screwworms and other external parasite in animals. It also protects animals from biting fly striking for about six weeks.

    [Target Animals] Cattle, Sheep, Goat, Equine, Camel and Dogs


    Neocidol 60%EC is applied either topically as spray or as dipping. The frequency of application depends on the density of parasitic infestation. In heavy infestation the application is made 2 times at 7-day interval. But in case of low parasitic infestation a single application is sufficient. During application, animals should be immersed or sprayed until the hair becomes completely saturated with dilution. Then let the animals to drain in an open air preferably under shade for few minutes.

    Spray: Dilute Neocidol  60%EC at the rate of 0.1% (1ml Diazinon 60%EC in 1 liter water) and apply.

    Dogs: Dilute Neocidol  60%EC at the rate of 0.06% (0.6 ml Diazinon 60%EC in 1 liter water) and apply.

    Dip: Initially, fill the dip bath with Neocidol  60%EC solution prepared at the rate of 1liter per 2400liter water for sheep/goat and 1liter per 1000liter for larger animals. When the amount of the dip bath is reduced by more than 10%, replenish the dip bath with wash at the rate of 1 liter per 800 liter of water and 1liter per 400liter water consecutively.

    [Packing] 1L, 200L


    [Storage] Sunshade, sealed, at cool and dry place.

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