Italy technology liquid filling plugging capping machine

Drops filling-plugging-capping machine applicable to the pharmaceutical industry for the 5-40 mL bottle of liquid filling plugging and capping packing process, etc. The structure is reasonable, automatically unscramble bottle, filling and unscrambler plugs, insert plugs, loading caps, screw capping, high precision CAM indexer for uniform chart positioning, no clearance, positioning accuracy; High precision piston pump (or peristaltic pump) filling, measuring accurate, adjustable, clean and maintenance is convenient , easy operation, no bottle no filling, no bottle no plugging, no plugs no capping function. Work surface with 304 high-quality stainless steel materials protection, contact with the liquid part is 316L quality stainless steel, the machine meet GMP requirements. The machine drive adopts mechanical transmission, drive accurately and smoothly, with low dissipation, work smoothly, stable production, etc, especially suitable for batch production enterprises.

1.Main technical parameter:

Produce capacity:Stable at 60pcs/minute

Applicable bottles:10-40Flat bottles

Filling method:peristaltic pump

Filling heads:2Heads        


Plug qualified rate:≥99%   

Loading plug heads:4Heads

Cap qualified rate:    ≥99%   

Loading cap heads:4heads

Capping rate:     ≥99%

Capping heads:     2heads


Power supply:   380/220V  50Hz

Machine size:  2000×1600×1700mm

II.Main configuration:

Main motor:


Speed regulating motor

Taiwan brand (TQG0

Cam divider


Peristaltic pump


Worm gear reducer

Taiwan brand(Chaogang)

Fiber electric eye

Korea brand(Autonics)


Taiwan Delta

Servo motor

Germany brand(Wima)    

Servo-control system

Germany brand(Wima)

Programmable controller

Germany brand(Wima)               

Touch screen

Germany brand(Wima)

Switching Mode Power Supply

Taiwan brand(Meanwell)

Control cabinet

Self-made (material stainless steel)

III.Working principle:

Loading plug mechanism:The first step:When the bottle is moved to the plug station through the turntable, the working signal of the servo motor is controlled by optical fiber detection to achieve the function of,there are bottles then plugging,no bottles no plug,The second step:The loading plug mechanism is designed by the principle of two-arm manipulator, which avoids the instability of the spring or single-arm manipulator for a long time;The third step:The whole process of the plug does not need the gas source and vacuum, and the plug part has the automatic positioning function, so the plug is stable, pollution-free, and accurate positioning;

Loading cap mechanism:The basic principle is roughly the same as the loading plug mechanism;

Capping mechanism:The first step:The rotary capping mechanism adopts the constant torsion design,Adjust the torque according to the tightness of the bottle cap and the bottle mouth thread. Then the rotary cap can automatically slip in place, and the rotary cap head cover adopts imported silicone material to achieve the purpose of not hurting the cover or hurting the bottle;The second step:Bottle positioning is automatically positioned by mechanical transmission, clamping, without pneumatic elements, so the bottle stability, the bottle surface will not be injured and other functions;

*Man-machine intereface:

1.Delivery system;

2.Filling system; .

3.Loading plug system 

4.Loading cap system 

5.Capping system

6.Transmission bottles,feeder,filling,loading plug,loading cap,capping,outlet bottles VR synchronous system

7.Performance setting of the operation value parameters of the whole machine

Protect cover:

1.Frame stainless steel 304;

2.Organic acrylic transparent board

★Provide an emergency stop alarm device:Japan Fuji  1Pcs

★With a remote control debugging device:Taiwan made,1Pcs  


IV.Main characteristics and advantages:

1.The machine uses a unique mechanical plug mechanism, Cap mechanism, plug and cap precision;

2.With no bottle without filling, no bottle without plug, no plug without capping function;

3.With emergency stop switch, automatic alarm when mechanical failure.Equipped with wireless remote control debugging device, easy for equipment maintenance and use, convenient debugging.

4.The machine can be equipped with a Laminar flow cover, can eliminate noise (the whole machine noise ≤45dB) optional;

5.Acid and alkali corrosion prevention(The filling needle was of a PTFE type;The infusion tube is an imported silicone tube;Countertop coating is made for Teflon);

6. The screw cap is equal torque and does not damage the cap.

7. Inaking filling without dripping without foaming;

8. The filling needle is smoothly polished with R60 degrees inner chamfer without hanging liquid;