The 4rd (Guangzhou)International Elderly Health Industry Expo

Time:August 28-30, 2020

Country/Region: China

Venue:China Import and Export

Organizer:Guangdong KSourcing Exhibition Co., Ltd

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China (Guangzhou) International Elederly Health Industry Expo(EldExpo) is one of the professional exhibitions held by the Guangzhou Municipal People's Government for Guangzhou Expo. It was held in the China Import and Export Fair Complex for three consecutive years from 2017 to 2019. Under the impetus of the government department,EldExpo was jointly organized by Guangdong and Guangzhou old- age associations, attracting nearly 500 companies and more than 130,000 spectators from nearly 20 countries and 28 provinces and cities in China to exhibit and visit.The total exhibition area is 32,000 square meters, and more than 6,000 varieties were exhibited. The exhibition is “Based on Guangzhou,Radiating in China,and Facing the world”. It relies on the strong manufacturing base of the old-age products and supplies in the Pearl River Delta region. With the unique advantages of Guangzhou's “Millennium Business Capital”and “Convention Capital”, it builds a platform for the old-age Enterprise in the country even around the world for communication, and builds a national leading professional exhibition brand.


Exhibition Scope:

Smart Pension

Smart pension solutions, pension management systems, smart wearable health devices, smart companionship, home robots, remote care, smart health management, smart healthcare, smart travel, smart audiovisual entertainment, smart mobile/APP, etc.

Medical Instruments

It mainly displays leading medical companies andmedical device companies. Such as smart medical equipment, medical testing equipment, medical supplies, home medical supplies display and other projects.

Rehabilitation Aid

Various rehabilitation aid equipment and technology,equipment for nerve, bone creation and exercise, spinal cord injury, Chinese medicine rehabilitation, functional assessment equipment, rehabilitation institutions, rehabilitation aids, rehabilitation nursing equipment, rehabilitation training equipment, health care equipment, auxiliary equipment Adaptation, etc.

Suitable for Elderly-People Home

Suitable for old-people furniture, Home appliance for elderly people,suitable aging building materials, suitable for old sanitary ware, etc.; barrier-free equipment, facilities; suitable aging design planning, customization, transformation; suitable for aging home, engineering, accessories, etc.

Smart medical & medical combination

Showcase hospital artificial intelligence, information technology systems, hospital smart logistics and other projects. Such as registration management system, hospital call system, medical robots, smart medical equipment, medical inspection equipment and medical and health combined projects, etc.

Isuitable for Aged Home

Aged institutions: nursing homes, social welfare homes, old-age real estate, Kangyang town, old-age apartments, day care centers, home service centers, community service centers, comprehensive old-age care communities, etc.

Health Care

Various functional foods, nutritious foods, special medical foods, probiotic products, healthdrinks, nutraceutical products, traditional Chinese medicine health products, medicines, etc., and Ai, multi-purpose moxibustion equipment, moxibustion intelligent equipment, etc. Various types of moxibustion health products.

Health and Chronic Disease Management

Physical examination, health consultation institutions; prevention of chronic diseases such ashypertension, diabetes, rheumatism.

Elderly-People Daily Necessities

Old-age daily necessities: old people's mobile phones, watches, shoes and hats, flowers,electronic products, stationery, toys, bedding, outdoor products, square dance supplies, travel equipment and other common daily necessities.


Display biopharmaceuticals, diagnostic reagents, genetic testing, biological samples, cell therapy, pharmaceutical environmental protection and other projects.

Pension Service

Various types of domestic services, community day care services, pension finance, insurance, wealth management, law, tourism, education, nursing, entertainment; personnel training for the aged care service.