BIOMEDevice 2020

Time:December 09-10, 2020

Country/Region: U.S.A

Venue:San Jose Convention Center

Organizer:Informa Markets

BIOMEDevice 2020
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Medtech is moving fast and Silicon Valley is leading the charge. If you're looking for answers and inspiration, the expo at BIOMEDevice is where the community finds actionable steps to keep the pace.

Over two days, you'll meet visionaries in artificial intelligence (AI) and digital health, connect with suppliers in surgical robotics and cardio, and attend free sessions led by some of the biggest players in medtech right now.

Come with your toughest questions and leave with practical applications for your most challenging projects. It's all at BIOMEDevice San Jose — and it's yours for free.*


5 Must-Attend Sessions


You're in good hands with a speaker list that includes leaders from Microsoft, AT&T, and SIEMENS. Below are five must-attend sessions to add to any educational action plan.

  1. Keynote Panel — Digital Health: Beyond the Worried Well
    Initially, digital devices were concentrated in the consumer health and wellness market, a.k.a., the "worried well." However, in the last five years these technologies have expanded into digital health with apps and wearables designed specifically for healthcare. Hear seasoned experts discuss opportunities and challenges during this exclusive keynote panel.

  2. Panel — How Sensors Support the Wearables Revolution
    Sensor technology experts will take the stage to discuss the role of smart sensors in the massive rollout and application of wearable devices throughout the healthcare landscape. Topics include how sensors are advancing IOT applications (and in turn wearable devices), sensors for in-home monitoring, and sensors for smart drugs technologies.

  3. Live Demo — Developing a Wearable Display for Surgeons
    Cameras and screens have long been used to augment surgeons' vision for greater precision during surgery. But as helpful as on-screen technology can be, it can also be challenging ergonomically. Until now. See a live demo of the medical grade, head-mounted wearable display that uses 3D and high-resolution OLED to improve visualization and ergonomics for surgeons.

  4. Panel — The Growing Artificial Intelligence Application Across Medical Devices
    The digital age is redefining healthcare. With that, the amount of data that medical devices create is growing rapidly. Many companies are looking to artificial intelligence to help manage the acquisition, analysis, and integration of data. Learn how AI will change the healthcare landscape and what you need to know to adapt.

  5. Panel — The New Era of Minimally Invasive Surgery
    Get an in-depth look at design-thinking and new technologies in product development processes as employed by leading manufacturers of minimally invasive products for cardiovascular, neurovascular, endovascular, and other interventional procedures. Points of discussion include the latest in surgical technologies, a look at miniaturization of devices, and innovating within market constraints.



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