2020 World Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine Conference

Time:September 19-21, 2020

Country/Region: China

Venue:Taizhou China Medical City Convention and Exhibition Center

Organizer:Shanghai Guang Mao Exhibition Services Inc.

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     WRC-CHINA 2020 exhibition will be held in Taizhou China Medical City Convention and Exhibition Center from September 19-21, 2020. WRC-CHINA is based on the whole industry chain of cellular therapy and regenerative medicine, aiming in building up the co-operation and trading platform for upstream and downstream resources of the cellular therapy and regenerative medicine industry chain.It will also be a professional information collecting platform and the industry academic and technical exchange platform. WRC-CHINA will invite exhibitors and professional visitors all over the world. We will find for you the most suitable partners for your organization in the different stage of its development.

Exhibitor Categories

Cell production /culture technology/products

ES cells, iPS cell, pluripotent stem cell, cancer stem cell, somatic stem cell, mesenchymal cell, hematopoietic stem cell, cell preservation/cell bank, differentiation induction, cell proliferation/differentiation factor, 

chemokine, angiogenesis, cell sheet, 3D culture technology, artificial organs/tissues, cell transplantation/transfer, bone marrow, cord blood, artificial skin, chondrocyte culture, antibody generation, gene cloning, synthesis service, various cell strains, etc.

Culture medium/reagents

Stem cell culture medium, iPS cell culture medium, mouse ES cell culture medium, serum, hematopoietic stem cell culture solution, lymphocyte culture solution, human ES/iPSC culture reagent, RNA isolation reagent, protein engineering reagent, genetic research reagent, cytokine/growth factor research reagent, immunology/cell research reagent, hematopoietic precursor cell culture reagent, growth factors, etc.

Drug discovery

Cell for use in drug discovery research, disease‐specific iPS cell, liposome/polymer micelle/nanogel, etc., DDS, gene therapeutics, cancer therapy vaccine, undifferentiated cell culture/compound differentiation induction, candidate substance screening, iPS cell bank, etc.

Analysis/System and Tools

Cell markers/cell separation, gene transfer vector, gene analysis/bio informatics, biomechanics, molecular imaging, tissue engineering biomaterial, signal transduction/control, quality control (assessment), processing, preservation (freezing/defrosting), probe arrays, DNA chip, protein chip, biosensor/actuator, biodegradable material, microTAS, DNA sequence analysis, DNA microarray, analysis software, etc.

Equipment, etc.

Cell culture & processing facility, cell culture equipment/culture base material, cell counting devices, automatic cell observation equipment, in‐vivo gene transfer equipment, fluorescence microscopes, electron microscope, nextgeneration sequencer, petri dish, cell transport/preservation, system/package, model animal, regulatory science/ethics/law, etc., immune response control using regulatory T cells, bio 3‐D printers, etc.

Outsourcing Production & Services:

Outsourcing services enterprises, project intermediary companies, CRO enterprises.

Media & Professional Press:

professional media and publications in medical field , professional publishing house display and sales, professional website promotion, professional database CD promotion and sales.