2020 the fourth Annual International Congress of Biotherapy(ICB-2020)

Time:October 16-17, 2020

Country/Region:Qingdao, Shandong, China

Venue:Qingdao International Conference Center

Organizer:Foreign Talent Research Center, MOST China Chamber of International Commerce, Qingdao Chamber

2020 the fourth Annual International Congress of Biotherapy(ICB-2020)
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In recent years, with the development of cell biology, immunology and other disciplines, biological therapy technology has made a major breakthrough. The field of biological therapy has now become an important development direction of clinical treatment in the future. In order to promote the development of clinical research and industrialization of biological therapy in the global, to build an exchange platform for researchers, clinicians and R&D, to analyze research hot spots and policy standards at home and abroad, 2020 the fourth Annual International Congress of Biotherapy(ICB-2020) will be held at Qingdao, China during October 16-17, 2020. The organizing committee will invite academicians, leading experts, and executives of industry leaders in the field of biotherapy around the world to visit the event to disseminate the latest research information and will present the latest research results.

Highlights of the Conference

● 1 Plenary Forum from a Panel of Leading Experts in Biotherapy
● 100+ Oral Presentations on the Latest Biotherapy Development
● 400+ Professional Attendees from All over the World for Unrivalled Networking
● Opportunity to Present Your Work and Forge New Collaborations
● Tech Tour to Famous Science Spots & Cultural Landscapes in China

Renowned Speakers



Contact:Ms. Olivia Wang