Agitated Nutsche filters & Dryers

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Product Name:Agitated Nutsche filters & Dryers
Company:Pfaudler (Changzhou) Process Equipment Co., Ltd.

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    MAVAZWAG ® stirred suction filters and filter dryers (ANF and ANFD) is designed and manufactured using MAVAG's cutting-edge technology Cheng. MAVAZWAG ® ANF and ANFD are deep layers using strainers And multi-purpose devices for solid-liquid separation. MAVAZWAG ® ANF and ANFD is most widely used in the process of filtration and cake washing Pharmaceutical and chemical industries. By adding a jacket to the container and a heating paddle to the stirrer, Leaves, and operate under vacuum conditions, can fully dry the wet filter cake, and Discharge all filter cakes in a single device as powder. Carry out all operations of ANF and ANFD in a closed system to ensure that Ensure product quality, product consistency and operation safety. It can also be used in GMP/aseptic design meeting CIP/SIP requirements Division of ANF and ANFD. MAVAZWAG ® ANF and ANFD available for stainless steel, HASTER Loy corrosion resistant nickel-based alloys and special alloys. For highly corrosive Application field, Pfaudler can provide ANF and in glass-lined structure ANFD. Pfaudler provides test ANFD for field test work, Ensure that users can gain valuable experience and collect reliable Process data of. Our engineers will work closely with you to help you choose the right one ANF or ANFD, and according to your process conditions, ANF or ANFD Optimize. Container Bottom flange body with C-clip or quick locking bayonet · Jacket and seal welded insulation Design based on PED or ASME Different WIP/CIP devices Filter plate Design of fixture for filter material of single layer filter Filter media tray with multi-layer sintered filter media (no screw) Bolt design) The unique filter plate design allows interchangeability Dead zone free shape structure Stirrer Special S-shaped contour with 2 or 3 arms Heating design Axle bellows boltless connection • Different shaft seal options MAVAG "quick cleaning" design for complete bottom discharge Side discharge valve Hydraulic operation/fail-safe • Soft or metal/metal seals Peripheral system Automation systems Temperature Control Unit (TCU) Vacuum/gas recirculation system Solvent recovery system Powder treatment/sealing system High-strength effect design, glove box, isolator integration and more options are available.
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