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    DBcaps® Over-Encapsulation Capsules

    For containment and blinding of comparator products in double-blinding clinical trial studies, look to DBcaps® capsules.


    DBcaps® capsules were developed with a tamper-evident design to specifically address the clinical trial challenges of testing without bias. DBcaps® capsules are available in 8 sizes and both gelatin and HPMC. 

    The wider diameter of opaque DBcaps® capsules allows containment and blinding of large-diameter or uniquely-shaped tablets or other comparator products, while their shorter length makes them easier to swallow.

    DBCaps® Capsule Advantages

    • The wider diameter of DBcaps® capsules allow containment and blinding of a wide variety of comparator product shapes and sizes  
    • Active comparator products can be discreetly enclosed to improve patient compliance and the tamper-evident design prevents bias
    • Avoid concerns regarding alteration of the dosage form since there is no need to split or grind tablets
    • A long, established safety record means stability testing is kept to a minimum and bioequivalency testing may be reduced or eliminated
    • Choose from five standard globally accepted colors to ease regulatory acceptance or select a custom formulated color to meet your needs
    • Manufactured in accordance with cGMP guidelines with certified quality assurance system for traceability of raw materials

    Innovative Design Helps Improve Patient Compliance


    DBcaps® Size C Capsule


    Standard Size 0 Capsule

    Available in Fiber-Free cGMP Packaging

    DBcaps® capsules are shipped in fiber-free, corrugated polypropylene containers* and will arrive in a sturdy, recyclable box that is anti-static incorporated.

    This leading-edge pharmaceutical practice allows packaging (pallets or box) entry into cGMP environments. Polypropylene is insoluble in water, can be wiped with alcohol, and replaces the need for transferring from fiber to fiber-free containers. It reduces labor costs associated with manual handling, simplifies restocking and eliminates relabeling activities. A locking bottom with a protective pad ensures secure containment as soon as it arrives.  

    DBcaps® capsules are also available in a convenient CapsuleCaddy™ Container *, perfect for clinical trial batches and R&D projects.

    *Contact your Lonza representative for availability in your region.

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