LA160 sachet machine

Category:Pharmaceutical Packaging Machinery > Granule packaging machine > Sachet Packing Machine
Product Name:LA160 sachet machine
Company:Körber Pharma

Basic Info
  • Factory Location: Germany

    Main Sales Markets: North America,Central/South America,Western Europe,Eastern Europe,Australasia,Asia,Middle East

  • Sample Provided: no

    Payment Terms: L/L

    Quality on all levels

    Machine, packaging and product meet all quality requirements. The LA160 is robust and designed for a long service life. The machine's two separate sealing stations guarantee the seal on the sachet packaging. Unrivalled dosing accuracy, especially with small quantities, is a key part of our quality promise. The result: wrinkle-free, airtight sachets.


    Ready for the future:

    Flexible dosing systems How to package tablets today, liquid products tomorrow and granules or powders the day after? The LA160 can be adapted flexibly to meet your production requirements: it may be years since you purchased an LA 160, but you can still decide – pumpbased dosing systems for liquid or paste products, auger dosing for products which do not flow freely, microsphere dosing for free-flowing products or tablet dosing.


    Risk-free production thanks to complete control

    Safety is always paramount: optical monitoring of fill material, ejection counter-checking, OCR and OCV print monitoring, code reading or seal seam inspection. The LA160 can be equipped with all required safety functions and can also be extended at a later date.


    Small footprint, great satisfaction

    With a footprint of only 1 m² the LA160 is extremely compact and space-saving. The machine is also easy to use, to the satisfaction of our customers' operators.

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