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Product Name:Lipase
CAS No.:9001-62-1
Standard:In-house Standards
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Company:Shandong Hope Biotech Co.,Ltd

Basic Info
  • Grade: Veterinary Grade

    Factory Location: China

    Main Sales Markets: Central/South America,Asia

  • Monthly Production Capacity: 20-50MTS

    Contract Manufacturing: CMO

    Packaging Information: 25kgs/bag

  • Delivery Lead Time: Prompt delivery

    Sample Provided: yes

    Payment Terms: T/T


    Product features.

    1. Adopt high efficiency strain of Aspergillus niger, through liquid deep fermentation and advanced post-treatment process, the enzyme active material is stable.

    2. Strong acid resistance, wide range of PH value, PH value in the range of 2.5-10.5, enzyme activity are good performance.

    3.Wide range of hydrolysis substrate, basically can hydrolyze all fatty acids such as short chain, medium chain and long chain.


    Product function and efficacy

    1. Supplement the lipase deficiency of young animals, improve their digestion and utilization of fat, and reduce the occurrence of diarrhea and other intestinal diseases

    2. Lipase can improve the efficiency of fat utilization in feed and enter the body of livestock and poultry to participate in energy metabolism to meet the high energy demand of livestock and poultry in the growth stage.

    3. It can increase the amount of medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) in the intestine of livestock and poultry, inhibit the growth and reproduction of harmful microorganisms, and balance the intestinal flora

    4. Lipase can promote the absorption and utilization of fat-soluble microorganisms and improve the quality of meat, egg and milk products.

    5. Reduce the amount of oil and grease used in feed, directly reduce feed cost


    Method of use

    1. For meat and poultry, sows, fur animals and other animals with high fat needs, adding 100-150g/t can increase the energy value of the diet by 50-80kcal/kg, replacing 5-8kg of fat.

    2. For medium and large pigs, laying hens and other animals with low fat requirements, adding 100g/t can increase the dietary energy by 50Kcal/kg.


    Store in dry, ventilated and cool place, avoid moisture and mixing with toxic substances.


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