JZJLG Series Roots Screw Vacuum Unit

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Product Name:JZJLG Series Roots Screw Vacuum Unit

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  • Factory Location: Mashang Town, Zhangdian District, Zibo ,China

    Main Sales Markets: North America,Central/South America,Western Europe,Eastern Europe,Australasia,Asia,Middle East,Africa

  • Monthly Production Capacity: 100sets

    Packaging Information: package wooden box.

  • Delivery Lead Time: 40days

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    Payment Terms: T/T in advance


        JZJLG Roots series screw dry vacuum pump unit is consists of ZJ type roots pump as the main pump, LG series screw vacuum pump as a fore pump is composed of dry without oil vacuum unit. JZJLG Roots series screw dry vacuum pump unit than single screw vacuum pump is more suitable to work under low pressure, such as a vacuum distillation process to pumping rate 150L / s, work pressure is 2000Pa, choose JZJLG150-2 vacuum unit (10.5kw), than the selection of single LG180 screw vacuum pump (22KW) more energy-saving and the unit can reach the lower limit pressure.


     As the main pump and the former pump are used to dry pump JZJLG, so Roots series vacuum screw dry pump vacuum unit with the following main features:

    l  The pump cavity has no oil, no pollution of the pumping system, can achieve clean vacuum.

    l  The pump cavity has no oil, very easy to achieve solvent recovery.

    l  Roots pump cavity all the nickel plating layer processing, screw pump cavity of the nickel plating and PTFE processing, smoke removing water vapor, solvent gas and other corrosive medium.

    l  Because no oil in the work process, wastewater discharge, no pollution to the environment.

    l  The requirements for cooling water pump for low cooling circulating water can meet the requirements of the ordinary, and the cooling water is small.


    The primary pump adopts the company self-developed ZJ Roots series vacuum pump, our company will pump cavity and the bearing cavity sealing was improved after the ZJ Roots series vacuum pump in the pumping process of a large number of water vapor and various solvents oil pump is not easy to be emulsified.

    Pre stage pump adopts the company self-developed LG series screw vacuum pump, stable and reliable operation, because between the pump chamber and a gear chamber adopts mechanical seal, LG series screw vacuum pump in not filled with nitrogen protection can still stable.


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