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    Lanolin Fatty Acid Industrial
     Product Name  Lanolin Fatty Acid Industrial
     INCI Name  Lanolin Acid
     CAS No.  68424-43-1
     EINECS No.  270-302-7
     Synonyms  LFA / Wool Grease Fatty Acid
     Acid Value, mgKOH/g  120 minimum
     Saponification Value, mgKOH/g  150 minimum
     Melting Point, ℃  50-70
     Loss on Dry, %  1.0 maximum
     Residue on Ignition, %  0.3 maximum
     Lanolin Fatty Acids is a product of the alkaline hydrolysis of Lanolin, prepared by purifying the wool grease that is a byproduct from when sheep wool is finished into wool products. The fatty acids is a complex mixture of straight chain acids, branched chain acids and hydroxy acids. It is in the form of a hard, waxy solid. The majority of the mixture of fatty acids is saturated with carbon chain lengths varying from C8 to C40.
     Lanolin Fatty Acids is characterized by a high softening point, low iodine value and a considerable percentage of hydroxy acids. Because they possess emulsifying power and high adhesion to various surfaces as well as the excellent oil binding properties of their metal soaps. It is widely used in lubricating greases. It also has found a home in solid and liquid polishing compositions, emulsion polishes, mold release ages and anti-corrosion compounds.
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