Urgent Sourcing Needs of【En-CPhI.cn】2019.08.12

en-cphi.cnAugust 12, 2019

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【En-CPhI.cn】provides the free-of-charge One-to-One Matching Service every week. Your dedicated client service officer collects your sourcing needs and searches suitable suppliers for you to improve your sourcing efficiency greatly.

Urgent Sourcing Needs of【En-CPhI.cn】2019.08.12

The validity of the sourcing needs lasts one week.

If your company could provide the following products, you can email the product name to Freya. She will reply you with the detailed information including the buyers' contact information.

Contact Person: Freya.Yao

Email: Freya.Yao@ubmsinoexpo.com

Tel: 86-21-33392401

IDName of the ProductCAS No.QuantityDetailed InformationDate
1长春质碱865-21-41kg 2019/7/30
2Sorbitol Powder50-70-41ton山梨醇,出口2019/8/1
3Oxytetracycline Hcl79-57-2250kg土霉素,出口2019/8/1
4povidone iodine25655-41-8250kg聚维酮碘,出口2019/8/1
5Cod Liver Oil 8001-69-2500kg 维生素A、D /鱼肝油,出口2019/8/1
6Ronedazole 50kg出口2019/8/1
7Vit. A oily and powder 100kg出口2019/8/1
8Vit. D oily and powder 100kg出口2019/8/1
9Vit. E oily and powder 100kg出口2019/8/1
10维生素E醋酸酯油95% 1tonvitamins E acetate oil 95%,原材料饲料级2019/8/2
11维生素A棕榈酸酯油 1tonvitamins A palmitate oil 1,700,000IU/g,原材料饲料级2019/8/2
14聚醋酸乙烯酯9003-20-7400kg 2019/7/31
15蓖麻油聚氧乙烯醚61791-12-6360kg  2019/7/31
17Pfaffia Paniculata 25kg出口2019/8/5
21混合脂肪酸甘油酯(硬脂)36型 100kgHard fat 362019/8/5