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What are the sub-categories of Laboratory?

The Laboratory sub-category includes, nucleic acid, cell, reagent, etc. These items are sourced from trusted Laboratory companies. PharmaSources, ensuring a comprehensive, high-quality supplier. For the latest needs of Laboratory. At, Laboratory list:

Who is supplying the Laboratory?

PharmaSources has a supply chain network with quality Laboratory suppliers, providing easy access to Laboratory inventory. These suppliers provide fully functional natural extracts list, PharmaSources provide a range of equipment supply services to natural extracts suppliers.

Where are the major sales markets?

The Laboratory on are supplying all around the world, including the markets in North America, Central/South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Australasia, Asia, Middle East and Africa.

What are the types of Laboratory products

Pharmacy Refrigerators: These units are specifically designed for the storage of pharmaceuticals within a controlled temperature range, typically between 2°C to 8°C. They are equipped with precise temperature controls, alarms, and monitoring systems to ensure the integrity of medications.

Vaccine Refrigerators: Vaccine refrigerators are tailored to store vaccines within the recommended temperature range, typically 2°C to 8°C. They incorporate digital controls and monitoring systems to maintain the stability of vaccines.

Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers: These freezers are essential for the long-term storage of extremely temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals, capable of maintaining temperatures as low as -80°C or even lower. They are critical for preserving biologics, research materials, and certain medications.

Cryogenic Freezers: Cryogenic freezers are used for ultra-low-temperature storage, often reaching or exceeding -150°C. These freezers are crucial for preserving biological samples, stem cells, and biopharmaceutical materials.

Stability Chambers: Stability chambers provide controlled environmental conditions to assess the stability of pharmaceutical products over time. They can replicate a range of temperature and humidity conditions to determine the shelf life and quality of pharmaceuticals.

Transport Refrigeration Units: These units are designed for the safe transport of pharmaceutical products, ensuring that products remain within the required temperature range during transit. They are essential for maintaining the integrity of medications and vaccines during transport.

Laboratory General Equipment: This category includes general-purpose laboratory equipment that may include refrigeration capabilities. These may include laboratory refrigerators, freezers, or temperature-controlled storage solutions for research and development purposes.

Life Science Instruments: While not exclusively refrigeration equipment, life science instruments can include refrigerated components such as incubators, shakers, and centrifuges, designed for life science applications in research, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical development.

Analytical Instruments: These instruments are used in pharmaceutical quality control and analysis. While not refrigeration equipment themselves, they may be housed within temperature-controlled environments to ensure accuracy and reliability in testing.

Laboratory Consumables: These include items like vials, ampoules, and containers designed for the storage and transport of pharmaceutical products, often requiring temperature-controlled conditions to maintain product integrity.

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