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    Main Sales Markets: North America,Central/South America,Western Europe,Eastern Europe,Australasia,Asia,Middle East,Africa

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    AE/K series glass lined reactor is a type of two pieces glass-lined steel vessel with agitator, also named "Open type" or "Flange Type". It comprises a vessel body and a separable cover, and the cover attaching and sealing to vessel body by a flange, a gasket and hook-shaped clamps, agitating  & sealing system. The flange comprises a cover flange face which is integral with the separable cover, a corresponding body flange face which is integral with the vessel body flange by hook-shaped clamps. Agitating system comprises an agitator and driving device (gearmotor & surport & coupling) . Heating and cooling method is with a jacket through by medium of steam, water or thermol oil or other medium. It is easy to clean, maintain and repair by open the cover.

    Glass-lined reactor is kind of pressure vessel which combine the inside glass fusion with the outside steel structure into one body. Glass-lined reactors are meticulously produced with an impermeable surface finish that achieves an optimum balance of corrosion resistance, thermal properties and mechanical strength. Glass-lined  reactors have become well known and broadly used for carrying out elevated or reduced temperature and/or elevated or reduced pressure chemical reactions as well as the blending (mixing) of non-reacted elements or compounds in field as chemical, pharmaceutical, bio-tech, food&beverage, flavor&fragrance, and nutraceutical industry. 
    Glass-lined reactors have become well known and broadly used for carrying out elevated or reduced temperature and/or elevated or reduced pressure chemical reactions as well as the blending (mixing) of non-reacted elements or compounds. 
    Such vessels may be jacketed, having one or more additional partial or full shells surrounding, but spaced apart from, the vessel wall. The space between the shells or between the shell and the vessel wall may be filled with gas, liquid or solid materials either as a static medium, such as a low heat conducting solid material for insulation or in a dynamic state, i.e., flowing liquid and/or gas for cooling and/or heating purposes.
    Chemical reactions occurring in a reactor may be exothermic, meaning giving off heat, or endothermic, meaning absorbing heat. The reactor have a cooling or heating jacket by steam/clean water to cool down or heat up the contents/medium in the vessel.


    Capacity: 50 to 12500 Liters (K series); 63 to 6300 Liters (AE series)               

    Designed Pressure of Vessel Body :0.2 Mpa, 0.4 Mpa, 0.6 Mpa,1.0 Mpa

    Designed Pressure of Jacket :0.6 Mpa                                            Designed Temperature: -25 to 230 Deg.C                                      Thickness of Lined Glass:0.8 to 2.0 mm(K series); 1.5 to 2.3 mm(AE series)

    Agitator Type (Optional):frame (anchor) type, propeller type, impeller type, paddle type, combination type etc.                            Drive Type of Agitator: Flameproof AC Motor                                Reducer Type (Optional):Vertical type                                            Sealing Type: Stuffing Seal (0.2 Mpa);Single Type Mechanical Seal (0.4 Mpa);Double Type Mechanical Seal (0.6 Mpa, 1.0 Mpa)  Working Medium:Organic acid, inorganic acid, organic solvent& weak alkaline except hydrofluoric acid, medium with fluoric-ion, alkali and phosfate acid which concentration over 30% with temperature over 180 Deg.C             

    Spark Test for Lining-glass:20KV after glass-ling, and 10KV before shipment

    Temperature Resistance:Chilling shock: 110 Deg.C, Thermal shock: 120 Deg.C                                                                                Standard: GB/T 25025-2010, GB/T 25027-2010, HG/T 2371-2003(K series); DIN 28136 (AE series) or Against customized standard

    Corrosion Resistance - glass is extremely resistant to corrosion by acids and alkalies (except for hydrofluoric acid and hot concentrated phosphoric acid)
    Anti-stick - many substances will not stick to glass, but will stick to metal
    Purity - glass has high quality standards for food and drug applications
    Flexibility - glass can handle a diverse range of chemical conditions
    Easy To Clean - glass-lining surface enables quick, easy cleaning and sterilization
    Absence Of Catalytic Effect - eliminates the possibility of catalytic effect that can occur in vessels made with various exotic metals
    Economy - the cost is comparable to stainless steel and most alloys

    Excellent Insulation - When does 20KV high-frequency spark testing, the electric spark can not penetrate the glass linings
    Extremely Corrosion Resistance - According to the characteristics of working medium designing the material for extremely corrosion resistance 
    Temperature Resistance - Thermal conductivity is only 1 to 0.1 percent of metal
    Impact Resistance - The impact resistance of superior products is 260*10-3J
    Customized Design - Design and manufacture according to the condition and requirement of customer

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