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    1.Introduction: This product is non-genetically modified seed coat black beans as raw material, the use of special extraction process is refined, the main component of cyanidin -3-- glucoside2.effect and applications:1). Antioxidant, removing free radicals2). Oxidase activity decreased3). Inhibit cholesterol absorption and reduce LDL cholesterol4). Anti-mutation, anti-tumor, anti-allergy, the role of protecting gastric mucosa and other3.Product Specifications:Anthocyanins 10% -40% (HPLC)Anthocyanin 20% -30% (HPLC)C-3-G 50% (HPLC)4. Product Features:1) The product is purple powder, soluble in water, ethanol, in acidic solution was pink, neutral solution, as the purple, alkaline solution was in black and blue, as in the food industry coloring agents.2) The use of food additives in accordance with health standards (GB-2760-2007) can be used in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals sugar, can also be used for the preparation of alcohol (including wine, rice wine, etc.), dri
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