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Product Name:Jiahang Digital automatic Potentiometric Titration
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Basic Info
  • Factory Location: No. 3570, Jiasong North Road, Jiading District, Shanghai

    Main Sales Markets: North America,Central/South America,Western Europe,Eastern Europe,Asia,Middle East,Africa

  • Monthly Production Capacity: 1000 pieces

    Packaging Information: Stander packing the instrument with PE films, Fibre Cloth, Wooden Box .

  • Delivery Lead Time: 10-15 days

    Sample Provided: yes

    Payment Terms: T/T

    Full Automatic Potentiometric Titrator


    The Full Automatic Potentiometric Titrator is a high-precision electrochemical analysis instrument that uses potentiometric titration for volumetric analysis. It adopts a modular design and consists of volumetric titration device, control device, and test device. It can perform acid-base titration, oxidation reduction, and precipitation. And complex titration. The instrument has functions such as constant titration, micro titration, endpoint setting titration, volume setting titration and mode titration. Users can also build their own special titration methods according to actual needs.


    1. Full Automatic Potentiometric Titrator  Introduction


    1.Acid-base titration, e.g., oxalic acid (aqueous/non-aqueous) content

    2.Redox titration, e.g., iodine value, iron (II) content

    3.Precipitation titration, e.g., chloride content

    4.Complexometric titration, such as calcium content,

    5.The titration was performed with a polarized electrode (Ipol, Upol)


    2. Full Automatic Potentiometric Titrator  Parameter




    Measuring range




    0.1MV   0.001PH


    0.1MV   0.003PH

    Measurement mode

    MEAS: measure pH /mV/ T

    CAL: pH calibration (multi-point)

    SET: Set the end point mode

    MET: equivalent titration

    DET: Dynamic Titration

    Titration mode

    Acid-base titration/

    Redox titration/

    Precipitation titration/

    Complexometric titration/


    Titration cup capacity


    Temperature measurement range


    Temperature measurement accuracy


    communication method

    2*USB, 232 serial port, Ethernet

    Dosing unit

    Built-in dosing unit

    Dosing module unit

    2 set of built-in titration dosing channel

    Expandable number of dosing channels


    Burette specifications

    1ml 5ml 10ml  25ml 50ml (10ml Standard )

    Burette resolution


    Burette refill time

    10 seconds (100% filling speed)

    control unit

    PC with software (additional to the computer)


    Can be used in conjunction with the GT robot sampling system for the analysis of large quantities of samples

    Self-check function

    Automatically check the status of the instrument after starting

    Calibration function


    Application editing function



    More than 300G

    Default method

    More than 300G

    Comply with FDA, GMP, GLP

    Audit trail, hierarchical management, electronic signature


    PTFE titration line (corrosion resistant)

    Stirring method

    Overhead spiral stirrer or magnetic stirring

    PTFE valve

    Imported anti-corrosion rotary valve

    Micro detection electrode


    Micro syringe pump



    3. Full Automatic Potentiometric Titrator Feature And Application


    1. Channel liquid feeding module, can be equipped with 16/18/20 station rotary disc type automatic sampler

    2. Can drive multiple feeding module units, burette and pipeline should be acid, alkali and corrosion resistant.

    3. Imports corrosion resistant PTFE rotary valve, PTFE corrosion resistant burette, high power mixing platform, the use of magnetic stirring coil

    4. High precision closed loop control to ensure accurate titration

    5. Burette filling resolution 1uL

    6. High precision burette accuracy up to 0.003mm

    7. Automatically check the state of the instrument after starting the machine

    8. The whole pipeline is fully sealed design, quick and convenient to replace

    9. Real-time display of titration curve and measurement results, convenient operation

    10. Support acid-base titration, REDOX titration, precipitation titration, complex titration, non-aqueous titration and other titration methods

    11. Comply with GMP standard, and the titration results meet GLP requirements

    12. Automatic sample loading, automatic pipeline cleaning, automatic measurement of experimental results, automatic recording and drawing of titration pH- titration volume real-time change curve.

    13. In line with the 2020 edition of the Pharmacopoeia

    14. With multi-level user rights management function, to achieve audit tracking and rights management functions


    4. Fields of use Full Automatic Potentiometric Titrator


    Automatic potential titrator belongs to the laboratory general basic equipment, the use is very wide, can be used in food, drug testing, disease control, commodity inspection, water treatment, petroleum, chemical, Marine, electric power, environmental protection, new energy, teaching, scientific research and other related fields.


    5. Product Qualification


    JiahangFull Automatic Potentiometric Titrator  has obtained CE certification, TART certification, ISO quality management system certification, more than 10 software copyrights and multiple patents to ensure that each instrument has stable performance and excellent quality.


    6. Deliver,Shipping And Serving


    We have a top R&D team returned from Europe and America, cooperate with our superb manufacturing team, professional sales team and dedicated service team, working together to provide customers with high-tech, high-quality products and efficient, convenient, Comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales professional services.


    7.  FAQ


    Q:How many years have your company made Automatic Melting Point Meter?     

    A:22 years of scientific instrument manufacturer, laboratory solution provider!

    Q:Which certificate do you have for your products?      

    A:Jiahang has obtained CE certification, TART certification, ISO quality management system certification, more than 10 software copyrights and multiple patents to ensure that each instrument has stable performance and excellent quality.

    Q:Will you will attend the fair to show your products?   

    A:Yes,Every year we will participate in some internationally renowned exhibitions to launch our new products,such as Arablab、PICCTON、Analytica Russia、Lab Africa、Analytica Germany、Analytica Latin America and so on,we are looking forward to your visit.

    Q:How about your company's R&D strength      

    A:Possess strong R&D technical capabilities (a R&D team of more than 20 people, with an average degree of doctorate degree, graduated from well-known universities at home and abroad, with an average work experience of 8 years), able to deal with and solve product-related technical problems

    Q:If OEM is acceptable?    

    A:Provide OEM customization service, product built-in software has autonomy, can customize development settings

    Q:Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?    

    A:100% manufacturer, no middlemen and distributors make the price difference, the price of the source factory is very advantageous; Jiahang is headquartered in Shanghai, China, has 15 service outlets and 2 production plants in China, and has sales in more than 10 countries overseas proxy.

    Q:How about your delivery time?

    A:"Generally, it will take 7 to 15 working days after receiving your advance payment. Depend on the quantity."

    Q:Which payment can be acceptable ?

    A:We could accept the payment by L/C, TF, Paypal , Western Union,etc.


    A:We could provide Online instruction ; Real-time support by video-ca or voice-chat.

    A:Any customer who cooperates for the first time promises to provide a production cost price trial opportunity to solve your worries about product quality problems.

    A:Provide official product quality assurance documents that comply with legal benefits to escort you with worry-free after-sales service.


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