Peristaltic pump filling system UTF02

Category:Auxiliary Equipment
Product Name:Peristaltic pump filling system UTF02
Company:Baoding Chuang Rui Precision Pump Co., Ltd.

Basic Info
  • Factory Location: 2nd Floor, East Unit, Building 12, Zhongguancun Innovation Base, Lekai Street, Baoding City, Hebei Province

    Main Sales Markets: North America,Central/South America,Western Europe,Eastern Europe,Australasia,Asia,Middle East,Africa

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    UTF02 is an intelligent filling peristaltic pump and controller independently developed by Chuangrui Pump Industry. The standard drive unit of this system is 4 channels (2 3 4 5 6) optional, and can be expanded to 32 channels at most. It can be installed with YZ series, DG series, TX315, LP15, LP25 and other pump heads, suitable for various specifications of hoses, and provide customers with a variety of options to meet a variety of applications. The main controller adopts a 7-inch or 10-inch industrial touch screen, which is easy to operate, clear and easy to use, with diverse functions and easy to use.

    Features of filling system:

    Unique drive unit, convenient mechanical matching, single channel, unique lack of bottle filling function
    Unique button to set address/fine-tune flow rate Fine-tune/calibrate during filling process
    Cascadable structure up to 32 channels, stable operation, super anti-interference
    Online/offline flexible dual operation mode Fault alarm to ensure safe production
    Support internal control/external control/communication control

    Main controller features:

    Large-screen touch control (7/10/10), simple and intelligent, supports saving and recalling of customer parameter schemes
    Manual touch screen/communication command, dual operation Provides ratio adjustment/volume calibration function
    Arbitrarily control the start/stop, forward/reverse of each channel, and provide online adjustment function of filling liquid volume
    Any control single/multi-channel filling or recycling at the same time Provide wireless connection WIFI function (optional)
    Support all channels to suck back at the same time (length/delay) RS485 bus communication interface, easy external control

    Basic parameters:

    Speed ​​range 0.1-600rpm
    Flow range 0.002-6000ml/min
    Filling accuracy <±2%
    Flow fine-tuning range 80%-120%
    Control mode: touch screen main controller + up and down membrane buttons + wireless/external control
    Display mode 7⼨/10⼨ industry touch screen + four-digit LED digital display
    Key mode, ratio adjustment mode and address setting mode
    Control mode Offline mode, online mode
    Calibration method: size adjustment, volume calibration
    Customer data storage 20 groups
    Applicable pump head YZ1515x, YZ2515x, DG series, TX315, KZ25, LP15, LP25
    Output pressure 0.1-0.12MPa
    Protection grade IP31
    Working temperature 0℃ to 40℃ (32F to 104F)
    Working environment humidity 20%-80%
    Communication interface RS485 bus, touch screen to set communication address, baud rate, parity, stop bit
    Wireless connection WIFI (optional)
    Communication protocol ModbusRTU standard protocol
    Power supply controller-AC90-260V/50/60Hz, single group system-AC180-260V/50/60Hz
    Motor 56 closed loop stepper motor
    Motor voltage DC 48V


    Filling liquid volume 0.1ml-9999.99ml/time Display adjustment resolution: 0.01ml
    Filling time 0.1s-9999.9s/time Display adjustment resolution: 0.1s
    Interval time 0.2s-9999.9s/time Display adjustment resolution: 0.1s
    Filling times 0-9999 times "0" means infinite loop
    Suction angle 0-7200° Display adjustment resolution: 1°
    Suction speed 0-300rpm Display adjustment resolution: 1rpm
    Suction delay 0s-60s Display adjustment resolution: 0.1s

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