Rumen protected Methionine 40%/60%

Category:Veterinary > Veterinary Pharmaceuticals
Product Name:Rumen protected Methionine 40%/60%
CAS No.:67-48-1
Standard:USP, BP, EP, In-house Standards
Price(USD):$1/Kg - $10/Kg

Basic Info
  • Grade: pharma grade,feed grade

    Factory Location: Vega

    Main Sales Markets: North America,Central/South America,Western Europe,Eastern Europe,Australasia,Asia,Middle East,Africa

  • Monthly Production Capacity: 100000 Kilogram/Kilograms per Month Adisseo Rumen Protected Methionine

    Packaging Information: 25kg/bag

  • Delivery Lead Time: 5-7 days

    Sample Provided: no

    Payment Terms: L/L

    VEGA CHINA largest manufacturer Adisseo Rumen Protected Methionine 40% 50% 80% feed additives 

    API CHINA  coated Methionine  Adisseo Rumen Protected Methionine Animal Feed Grade China Manufacturer


    Feed Rumen Protected Methionine

    1. reliable sources and competative price 
    2. prompt delivery

    Chicken Feed Rumen Protected Methionine

    1.CAS NO.:63-68-3

    2.Molecular Formula:C5H11NO2S

    3.Molecular Weight: 149.21

    4.Appearance: White crystals or crystalline powder



    Chicken Feed Rumen Protected Methionine

    1. Resulting from the reaction of a mole of zinc ion to a moles of methionine,  high chelate percentage ,the     greatest stability. 

    2. High  bioavailability , better nutrition of zinc 

    3. Don't be affected by pH value, inorganic ions and organic macromolecules in digestive tract.

        Higher utilization ratio


    [Product function]

    Chicken Feed Rumen Protected Methionine


    1. The bioavailability of  feed additive zinc methionine is significantly better than other organic zinc.

    2. Solve the problem of hoof crack for sows efficiently .

    3. Increase the laying, fertilization, and hatching rates, improve the quality of eggshell.

    4. Leads to the removal of rough and messy feather, obtaining bright feather. And decrease in cannib             alism of pecking the plume and anus.

    5. Increase  feed intake effectively , can improve animal growth and the resistance of disease.





    (Index) Zn-Met 

    Zinc( Zn )


    Methionine (C5H11O2NS)  


    Chelate percentage  





    (1). Meliorate the balance of amino acid for metabolism and supplement the insufficiency of L-lysine in the feed stuff to promote the growth of livestock.
    (2). Improve the meat quality of poultry and livestock.
    (3). Reduce the possibility of diarrhea and help to digest.
    (4). Enhance the body's immune ability, effective to avoid infectious disease.


    Our Advantages:

    1.Marketing and sales partner to leading suppliers of feed and veterinarian additives and ingredients. 

    2.A broad range of high quality products, manufactured by leading producers, and supported with 

    outstanding quality control systems.

    3. 15 years of experience, resulting in a solid reputation in the global animal health and nutrition industry. 

    4.Professional and outstanding logistic expertise. 

    5. Proven state of the art service and reliability. 

    6.Highly skilled scientific and technical staff, assuming product and market development, and guaranteeing 

    optimal support to customers and suppliers on promotion, registration, marketing and sales. 

    7.Competence for product and concept development, leading to the introduction of innovative feed additives

     on a global level.

    Company Information

    VEGA has been on APIs, Vitamins, amino acids, feed additives , food additives for more than 30years..We are a stock listed group company with 8 facotries and more than 500 employees and more than 40RD technicians.We have won the GMP, GMP+, Famiqs, ISO, certs, with annual outputs exceed 35000 mt per year. VEGA CHINA largest manufacturer Adisseo Rumen Protected Methionine 40% 50% 80% feed additivesClick to learn more

    Packaging & Shipping

    VEGA CHINA largest manufacturer Adisseo Rumen Protected Methionine 40% 50% 80% feed additives 


    VEGA CHINA largest manufacturer Adisseo Rumen Protected Methionine 40% 50% 80% feed additives1. Why Choose Us ?


    Have been in health industrial since 1989/4 GMP S022000. IS09001, FAMI-QS, GMP- approved factoriesProfessional Knowledge&25 years experienceHuge capacity 20000mt and full products lineO risk covered by Alibaba Trade Assurance! OTD with 2 weeks 24 hours online response.


    2. Registration Support And Documentary Support Online response.


    Professional docs can be available for registration and clearance.


    3. Quality Control

    Full quality trace ability system, Remained samples keep 3 year Control under GMP. ISO 22000,Is09001 FAMI-QS GMP, Audited by many customers.


    4.Why we can bring you more profit?


    Auto Hi-tech equipment and facility and professional workers Smart Micro-capsule makes value added products Less dosage, same effect We are in the position to reduce a great cost due to advance management from raw material sourcing toand sales Huge scale save cost.


    5.OEM and technology development Service

    OEM for customers. Supplying Technology support and technology development.



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