Sulfadiazine Sodium

Category:Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients > Sulfonamides
Product Name:Sulfadiazine Sodium
CAS No.:547-32-0
Company:Jilin Beisha Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.(Nanhai Beisha Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.)

Basic Info
  • Grade: Pharmaceutical Grade

    Factory Location: Foshan Guangdong China

    Main Sales Markets: North America,Central/South America,Western Europe,Eastern Europe,Australasia,Asia,Middle East,Africa

  • Packaging Information: 25kg/drum

  • Sample Provided: no

    Payment Terms: L/L

    Molecular Formula: C10H9N4NaO2S

    Molecular Mass: 272.26

    Product Characters: White or yellowish crystalline powder; odourless; taste slightly bitter; gradually darken when exposure to light; upon exposure to moist air it absorbs carbon dioxide slowly with the liberation of free Sulfadiazine. Freely soluble in water and slightly soluble in ethanol.

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