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    Main Sales Markets: North America,Central/South America,Australasia,Asia,Middle East

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    --LWL Screen Filtration Centrifuge

    Properties and Uses

    LWL Screen Filtration Centrifuge is a horizontal with the function of continuous working, continuous spiral discharging. It is mainly used for separating and dehydrating suspension with solid-phase grains ranging from 0.05 to 10mm. It is applied in chemical, foodstuff, chemical fiber, mining and metal melting, pharmacy and light industry.

    Main Characteristics

    Continuous operation, spiral discharging and large capacity.

    High dehydration rate of solid phase, good washing effect and high efficiency.

    Tight structure and convenient operation and maintenance.

    Structure and Working Principle

    Operations such as feeding, dehydrating, washing and discharging etc. can all be processed continuously by LWL centrifuge on its full speed. Host machine starts with power on and speeds up automatically. Open the feeding valve when predetermined condition is met. Products to be separated enters into centrifuge along pipeline and is distributed onto drum wall through feeding holes on the smaller end of spiral wheel. Under the effect of centrifugal force, liquid phase in suspension will be thrown out through screen and holes on drum wall and discharged from centrifuge, while solid phase remains in the screen to form a thin filter residue. In the centrifugal force field, filter residue is gradually pushed from small end of the drum to big end by two forces: one component of forces points to the big end paralleled with the drum generatrix, the other is the thrust force toward the big end by spiral bar’s motion. Filter residue is turned constantly by spiral bar to enhance separating effect. Filter residue pushed out of the big end is finally discharged from residue outlet, thus solid-liquid separation is finished.

    Special allocation

    Following allocation can be possible to meet customers' demand.

    1.Requency conversion plus PLC controlling system.

    2.Protection system for vibration and temperature rising.

    3.Feeding speed control.

    4.Gas-liquid separation device in liquid outlet.

    5.Other allocation demands.

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