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Huzhou Zhanwang Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.

The world of Chinese pharmaceutical excipient is the world of ZHANWANG. What started in 1950 as an industry-grade starch in the town of Linghu, is now one of the China leading manufacturers of pharmaceutical excipients and API engineering. we have been providing the pharmaceutical excipient for more than 65 years with a broad-based excipient portfolio found nowhere else in the industry.

Over 30 years of experience in APIs (anti-neoplastic, toxicide, cardiotonic, anesthetic, anti-carcinogen) also speak for themselves.

With committed, highly qualified employees in all disciplines, our clients can benefit from the experience and innovative drive of a pioneer in pharmaceutical excipient and APIs. We are constantly working to develop high-tech, functional products for implementation in customer applications, where you can deliver maximum performance. Even with our endeavor in innovation management, we remain what we always have been: a successful business with strict values and high standards. Performance and partnership with our customers are at the center of our success. 

What you are expecting for with regard to pharmaceutical excipient and APIs, we all have it. Our broad portfolio comprises 18 excipient groups with more than 50 products, covering all areas from solid dosage forms (including tables, compsules, and sachets) to powder formulations and dry powder inhalation, including products world-widely unique to ZHANWANG.

Eight APIs specialize in anti-neoplastic, toxicide, cardiotonic, anesthetic, anti-carcinogen

To guarantee optimum quality and batch-to-batch consistency, we are diligent in our product develop and manufacture to exacting standards in BPEP, CP, JP and FDA under strict supervision of our production and quality control systems. In everything we do make sure all international quality standards are met or exceeded. This is just one of the many reasons why leading global pharmaceutical and supplement manufacturer have chosen us as a supplier.

*****PRODUCTS LISTS*******


    1. Sodium Starch Glycolate (USDMF, USP)
    2. Pregelatinized Starch (USP)
    3. Low Substitute-Hydroxpropyl Cellulose (USP)
    4. Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose (USP)
    5. Microcry Stalline Cellulose (USP)
    6. Methyl Cellulose (USP)
    7. Ethyl Cellulose (USP)
    8. Premixed Adjuvant as Medical Coating
    9. Polyacrylic ResinⅡ(L-100, USP)
    10. Polyacrylic ResinⅢ(S-100, USP)
    11. Polyacrylic ResinⅣ(E-100, USP)
    12. Povidone K30 (USP,EP,BP)
    13. Calcium Sulfate (CP,)
    14. Magnesium Stearate (BP)
    15. Stearic Acid (CP)
    16. Silicon Dioxide (CP, Food Grade)
    17. Soluble Starch (CP,Food Grade)
    18. Calcium Hydrogen Phosphate (CP)

  2 API:

     1. Methotrexate (USDMF/COS/JPDMF)                
     2. Calcium Folinate (COS) 
     3. Esmolol Hydrochloride (USDMF/COS)               
     4. Milrone (USDMF)
     5. Amrinone (USDMF)                                            
     6. Etomidate (Pending,USP)
     7. Pemetrexed Disodium (New Product, USP)          
     8. Azacytidine (New Product, EP)
Name: Nissim Nie
Position: President Secretary & ITD Direct Sales Manager
Add: No.888 Mizuda Rd. HuZhou. Zhejiang. China
Mobile Tel: +86 136-6650-3505
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Year of Establishment: 1950

Total Assets(USD): 50,000,000 To 54,999,999

Total Number of Staff: more than 500

Main Competitive Advantages:

Other Competitive Advantages:

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