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Zhejiang Peptites Biotech Co.,Ltd

Zhejiang peptites biotech Co.,Ltd. is specialized in the process development and the manufacturing of bioactive peptides. We offer custom peptide synthesis, process development, GMP manufacturing as well as catalog products.

We offer flexibility in production scale from initial gram quantities to commercial requirements of multi-kilograms or more per batch.Our clients range from academic institutions, to small or medium size Biotech companies, to large Pharmaceutical companies.

We have lots of experienced R&D staffs, one R&D center and one cGMP standard factory in Hangzhou, also one new cGMP standard factory with more than 1,5000 square meters in Shaoxing is under establishment.

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 cGMP Peptides

 Custom Peptides

 Cosmetic Peptides

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Year of Establishment: 2014

Total Assets(USD):

Total Number of Staff:

Main Competitive Advantages: International Approvals/Standards,Delivery Term,Large Product Line,Reputation,Quality Service

Other Competitive Advantages: we are peptide manufacturer. offer cGMP peptide,custom peptide synthesis,cosmetic peptide. pls tell us which peptide you are interested. we have cGMP factory. Generic Peptide APIs Product Name Product Name Octreotide Acetate Pramlintide Leuprorelin Acetate Alarelin acetate Glatiramer Acetate Deslorelin Bivalirudin Aviptadil Acetate Triptorelin Acetate Antide Acetate Terlipressin Acetate Protirelin Desmopressin Acetate Angiotensin Acetate Exenatide Acetate Argpressin Acetate Carbetocin Acetate Elcatonin Acetate Teriparatide Acetate Eledoisin Acetate Eptifibatide Acetate Enfuvirtide Acetate Ipamorelin Lysipressin Acetate Atosiban Acetate Secretin Acetate Liraglutide Somatostatin Acetate Linaclotide Tetracosactide Acetate RADA 16-I Vapreotide Acetate Degarelix Acetate Abarelix Acetate ganirelix Acetate Teduglutide Sincalide ACTH (1-24) Albiglutide Oxytocin Acetate Melanotan II Acetate Icatibant Cetrorelix Acetate lanreotide Pasireotide Thymosin α1 Ziconotide Thymalfasin Goserelin Acetate Salcitonin Acetate Gonadorelin Glucagon ------------------ With Best Regards, Linda (Sales Manager) ----------------------------------------- Hangzhou Peptide Biochem Co.,Ltd. Tel: +86-18668118770 Email: linda@peptide-manufacturer.com http://www.peptide-china.com/ http://www.peptide-manufacturer.com/ http://hzpeptide.en.ec21.com/ Q Q:2665724017 SKYPE:hexbio

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