The mask is filled with "magic" Trehalose

Nowadays, there are a large number of facial masks and cosmetics on the market that use Yimei trehalose as its main ingredient or auxiliary material. What kind of "magic" does this little trehalose have that makes so many manufacturers and consumers favor it? Xiaobian will take you to pick the bottom of the trehalose, analyze the trehalose cosmetics!

Trehalose, also known as fungoides and fungoides, is a nonreducing disaccharide composed of two glucose molecules. The structural formula is α-D-glucopyranosyl-α-D-glucopyranoside dihydrate, which often exists in the form of dihydrates and the molecular formula is C12H22O11·2H2O.

Trehalose is a typical stress metabolite, which can form a unique protective membrane on the cell surface under harsh environmental conditions such as high temperature, high cold, high osmotic pressure and dehydration loss, effectively protecting the structure of biomolecules from being destroyed, thus maintaining the life process and biological characteristics of living organisms. Therefore, trehalose is also used in Pharmaceutical excipients /Pharmaceutical excipients, Biological reagents /Biological agents, facial mask /facial mask, facial spray /acial spray, Protein protectant, Freeze drying drying agent /Freeze protection, etc. This article we mainly talk about medical beauty trehalose and trehalose cosmetics.

1. Stability and security

Trehalose is a stable kind of natural disaccharides. Because it is not reductive, it is very stable to heat and acid and base. When coexisting with amino acids and proteins, Maillard reaction will not occur even when heated. Trehalose is decomposed into two molecules of glucose by trehalase in the small intestine of human body, which is then utilized by human metabolism. Trehalose is an important energy source and beneficial to human health and safety.

2. Low hygroscopicity

Trehalose also has low hygroscopic properties. If trehalose is placed in a place with relative humidity above 90% for more than 1 month, trehalose will hardly absorb moisture.

3. Non-specific protective effects on biomacromolecules and organisms

Trehalose is a typical stress metabolite formed by organisms in response to changes in external environment, which protects the organism against adverse external environment. Trehalose can also be used to protect DNA molecules in organisms from radiation damage. Exogenous trehalose also has a nonspecific protective effect on organisms. The protective mechanism is generally considered to be that the part of the body containing trehalose strongly binds water molecules, shares the bound water with membrane lipids, or trehalose itself plays the function of replacing membrane bound water, so as to prevent the denaturation of the membrane and membrane protein of the organism.

Because of the above properties, trehalose also has a magical protective effect on the skin. Generally, epidermal cells in high temperature, high cold, dry, strong ultraviolet radiation and other environments easy to lose water damage to the skin, and trehalose in this case can form a layer of protective film on the cell surface, keep skin nutrition and water, avoid sunburn or tanning. Therefore, trehalose cosmetics with medical beauty grade trehalose are more and more popular with manufacturers and consumers!

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Record registration number: F20190000452;

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