Jiahang Melting point Apparatus

Digital Melting Point Apparatus is an instrument for measuring the melting point of a substance. The melting point of a substance refers to the temperature at which the substance changes from solid to liquid. In the field of organic chemistry, the determination of the melting point is the basic means to identify the nature of a substance, and also one of the important methods for the determination of purity.

Shanghai jiahang Digital Melting Point Apparatus series perfectly combine high-precision temperature control technology and high-definition video camera technology, not only to provide users with accurate, stable and reliable test results, but also to bring users efficient and convenient test experience. High-definition video can easily and clearly see the whole process of sample melting, automatic detection real-time Tupu display, convenient for users to accurately measure the sample melting point and melt distance.

Fields of use
1.Digital Melting Point Apparatus plays an important role in chemical industry and medical research. It is a necessary instrument for the production of drugs, spices, dyes and other organic crystal substances.Corresponding enterprises (pharmaceutical related enterprises, chemical enterprises)
2.Universities and Research Institutes (chemical and pharmaceutical related schools and research institutes)
3.Government supervision departments (Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Food and Drug Administration, Grain Administration, etc.)

The main features of Digital Melting Point Apparatus
1. HD recording function, easy to observe and look back.
2. Large temperature range from room temperature to 420℃.
3. The heating rate is adjustable from 0.1℃/Min to 20℃/Min without pole.
4. Enlarge HD color screen window.
5. Four samples can be determined simultaneously.
6. Printer can be connected to realize real-time data printing and historical data printing.
7. Comply with Pharmacopoeia test methods, including European Pharmacopoeia, United States Pharmacopoeia and Chinese Pharmacopoeia.
8. Compliance with 21CFR Part 1, audit trail, pharmacopoeia and electronic signature.

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