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Shandong Shinva Medical Instrument Co., Ltd.
Year Established : 1942
Total Assets(USD) : choose not to disclose
Total Number of Staff : more than 500
Other Competitive Advantages : Long history of production: Shinva has a long history of 65 years. Largest production scale: China´s largest development adn production base for disinfection and sterilization equipments. More than 3000 sets for pharmaceutical usage. Powerful techni
Patents and Copyrights : 1. Patent of invention for Ampoule sterilizer 2. Patent of invention for powder-liquid double chamber soft bag sealing machine 3. Patent of invention for high pressure filling valve 4. Patent of invention for compact non-PVC automatic soft bag form-fil
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SHINVA is a leader in the design and manufacture of automatic machines for lyphilization processing and packaging of pharmaceutical products. 

Appreciate to a high technological profile and the ability to offer tailor-made solutions to satisfy the most sophisticated requests of the market. 

In 1943 Shinva was established to manufacture medical equipment. Shinva went public in 2002 at the Shanghai Stock Exchange. During the past 71 years Shinva has used its military heritage and culture to manufacture products according to the Qilu tradition. The Qilu Culture is a mainstream of China's traditional culture. Based on "people", Qilu Culture regards "benevolence" as a core, "gentility" as the form and "harmony between man and nature" as the goal. These thoughts have influenced China for more than 2, 000 years and also form the foundation of China's technical and capital enterprises. Shinva gains special advantages to being deeply influenced by the culture's quintessence. Qilu contributes to the evolution of the culture significantly. According to this cultural heritage Shinva pays attention to customer's needs, encourages our employees with goals, and fosters people to create the inner power needed for higher achievement. Through this cultural and enterprise background Shinva has produced nine different lines of medical and pharmaceutical equipment in the Central Supply Sterilization Systems [CSSD], Biopharmaceutical Engineering & Equipment, Radiotherapy, Digital Operating Room, Dental, Medical Environmental Protection, Experimental Animal Products, and In-Vitro Diagnostic Reagents and Instruments and Biomedical Materials and Supplies, all integrated solutions. Shinva is living into the future standing on this firm foundation and history of success. We have self-confidence, we are innovating and taking risks developing new products yearly and are advancing with the times. We are making a contribution to the health and wellbeing of the world by manufacturing excellent products meeting the highest regulatory standards.