Liquid laser particle counter 26 channels

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Product Name:Liquid laser particle counter 26 channels
Company:Beijing Neuronbc Laboratories Co., Ltd.

Basic Info
  • Factory Location: beijing China

    Main Sales Markets: Central/South America,Asia,Middle East,Africa

  • Monthly Production Capacity: 200units

    Packaging Information: wooden case

  • Delivery Lead Time: 1-3weeks

    Sample Provided: no

    Payment Terms: T/T


    Channel setting

    26 channels, Thousands of particle sizes can be customized and the accuracy is 0.1 μ m

    Test range

    1-500 μ m (Segment sensor require)

    Count range

    0 ~ 99999 particles

    Sampling volume




    Syring size


    Flow rate

    2~100ml/min, setting by self

    Counting accuracy


    Channel resolution


    Relative standard deviation

    RSD<1.5%(standard particle≥1000 /ml)

    Maximum Concentration

    0~18000 /ml


    Mixing speed:

    0 ~ 2000 R / min, adjustable in spinning type

    Work temperature




    Data output







    With audit trail ,can operate in PC

    Operation system

    Windows 7, windows 10


    1. NBC-26s  particle detector can fully meet the design scheme of Chinese Pharmacopoeia (2020Edition) and the requirements of Pharmacopoeia of the United States, for the detection of insoluble particles in small volume injections. It can also be used for the detection of particles in large infusion and infusion equipment, the filtration effect of infusion terminal filter and other fields (such as petroleum, chemical industry, dye, food, etc.) of liquid particles testing.
    2. High performance imported laser light source and compensation circuit are adopted to ensure the test accuracy of colorless and colored samples, and the samples without electrolyte can be directly detected
    3. The imported high-pressure injection pump sampling system is adopted, which can be set according to the sample volume of the tested sample varieties, with high injection accuracy, meeting the detection requirements of high viscosity test articles, and not affected by geographical location and other factors, meeting the use requirements of different altitude areas.
    4. The injection slit and pipeline are made of imported 316L and PTFE materials, which can directly detect organic solvents, oil matrix and other special solutions.
    5. Different high-pressure injection systems can be replaced according to the demand of injection quantity.
    6. It is equipped with pharmacopoeia standard infusion test, and the test times can be set arbitrarily.        
    7. There is a special test program for small volume injection (small injection), which can be injected according to the specifications of small injection, and automatically converted into the size and quantity of container particles after the test, which meets the requirements of Chinese Pharmacopoeia and international general requirements.
    8. It can detect the content of particles in anesthesia bag
    9. Detection of filtration rate of precision filter
    10. Detection of particulate pollution in GB8368-2005
    11. Detection of particulate pollution in GB8368-2018
    12. Detection of particle content of drug packaging materials
    13. Detection of particle content of drug packaging materials
    14. Full channel test (better than the calibration requirements for instruments in Pharmacopoeia)
    15. The screw type glass agitator is adopted, with uniform speed adjustable, and the mixing speed can be controlled at any time to ensure the uniformity of particles in the container. Improve data accuracy
    16. Color touch large screen operation: Chinese input, easy and fast operation, powerful function. Multi channel test data can be displayed at the same time.
      Sample name storage function: the set sample name is automatically stored, which is convenient and quick to operate. It has automatic data processing and multiple printing modes to meet different printing needs.
    17. It can be connected to the computer and has the function of data automatic transmission computer; it can be connected to the laboratory operation for management, and the special data analysis software is used for data storage and statistics
    18. Three level authority management
    19. 32 users operator management
    20. It has data view function, and can access historical data and operation behavior at any time




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