R&D Effort

Bona pharma, Professional drug delivery solutions provider.

Details find great spraying.

We create an open working environment and encourage all staff to innovation idea, we believe innovation is everywhere.

R&D Responsibilities: 

Responsible for all product development, which consists of both introductions of new stock items that responds to specific market needs and the development of custom solutions based on client’s briefs.

  • New product design & validation: Once you’ve created a general concept, we’ll help you turn it into a specific product.
  • Mold development, repairing, and maintaining: Thanks to the experience gained in over 20 years of business, the company can now boast a deep knowledge of plastic materials and the molding process.
  • To assure commitment towards our R&D activities, a significant share of our revenues is allocated to research and development yearly.

Our Labs Support:

  • Dosage determination test.
  • Droplet size distribution (DSD).
  • Spray pattern & plume geometry analysis.
  • Priming and repriming behavior.

Cases: Innovation is a key driver of growth for the future, we will persevere. More new products are coming soon.

1. Child Resistant nasal spray(Patented), safe for Kids.

  • User-friendly design.
  • Compliant with 16CFR 1700.20.
  • Patented in China, the US, Europe and Korea.
  • Raw materials safety for food and drug.
  • Screw on neck system compatible with the normal filling line.


2. Preservative-free Nasal Pump(Patented), suitable for nasal sprays which take risk of adding preservatives.

  • Conventional filling & closure (20mm snap-on) system.
  • Preservative-free system.
  • Purely mechanical barrier, with no additives.
  • Has passed challenging microbiological tests.
  • Comply with EU and US food and drug contact regulations.
  • Patented in China, the US, Europe and Korea.
  • Suitable for Bona snap-on bottle series.