Handheld sampling pump SC-600-1

Category:Auxiliary Equipment
Product Name:Handheld sampling pump SC-600-1
Company:Baoding Chuangrui Precision Pump Co., Ltd.

Basic Info
  • Factory Location: 2nd Floor, East Unit, Building 12, Zhongguancun Innovation Base, Lekai Street, Baoding City, Hebei Province

    Main Sales Markets: North America,Central/South America,Western Europe,Eastern Europe,Australasia,Asia,Middle East,Africa

  • Sample Provided: no

    Payment Terms: L/L

    SC600-1 supports sampling pump and retains the self-advantages of peristaltic pump. Single tube is used for quick loading and unloading without cross contamination; the flow processing range is small, and the forward and reverse operation are reversible. Replaceable charging power, light and portable, flexible operation, can easily cope with stratified sampling, deep water sampling, indoor and outdoor sampling such as body samples, high viscous liquids, and fine particle suspension liquids. It is especially suitable for outdoor operations.

      1. Rechargeable power supply, 2 batteries as standard, long battery life, suitable for indoor and outdoor multi-scene applications.

      2, portable design, small size, lighter weight, comfortable grip, easy to handle and operate

      3. The original imported motor has strong power, superior performance, two-way high torque, high and low speed adjustable, forward and reverse reversible.

      4. It can collect high-heavy-viscosity liquids, or suspension liquids containing solid particles, and can be layered sampling, with the deepest suction range up to 10,000.

      5. Equipped with YZ1515x and YZ2515x easy-to-install pump heads, adapting to various specifications of hoses, with a large flow range and flexible sampling processing.

    Pump head YZ1515x (ml/min)
    Applicable hose 13# 14# 19# 16# 25# 17# 18#
    The first gear (0-400rpm) 14 91 205 363 782 1302 1861
    2nd gear (0-1500rpm) 50 298 602 1094 2003 3713 3900


    Pump head YZ2515x (ml/min)
    Applicable hose 15# 24#
    The first gear (0-400rpm) 582 2047
    2nd gear (0-1500rpm) 1170 3500
    Basic parameters:

    Speed ​​range 0-1500rpm
    Flow range 0-3900ml/min
    Dimensions 220x117x235mm
    Whole machine weight 1.55Kg (only machine body and pump head)
    The maximum suction stroke is 8m (the medium is water, and the suction stroke is not counted below the water surface)
    Working environment: outdoor, indoor
    Voltage DC10.8V rechargeable battery
    Charging power supply 220V 50/60Hz
    Battery life 20-30 min (the specific time varies according to different pump heads/hose)
    Protection grade IP32
    Product standard configuration drive, battery (2 pieces), charger, pump head (YZ1515x or YZ2515x), pump head nail, countersunk head, pump tube
    Previous: OEM220 series small flow peristaltic pump

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